GamuT D3i vs Audio Research LS 26

I have GamuT D200 mk III,GamuT D3i,GamuT CD3 and Sonus Faber Cremona M speakers.I would like to go on tube preamp.
Any suggestions?
I would be very interested in what you hope to change about your sound. Having just bought a D3i for my M250i, I am obviously impressed with Gamut and this preamp together with the Gamut power amp,
but of course it is not tubed. I have considered tubes on and off over the years and once owned a tube integrated amp as a teenager. Will want to see what you end up doing and how that works for you. I also once owned the CD3 which has a great sound and i would suggest has some tube like characteristics.
HI DKrab,i ever use Gamut M250 mklll work with Aesthetix Callisto signature pre,i feel it's perfect match,and i also try Audio research reference 3 work with Gamut M250 mklll,but is not match,the sound like machine,no feeling.

Hi Sam.
Yes I heard about Aesthetix Callisto preamp it is a very good preamp.
I heard that German AudioValve Eklipse and costly Conductor preamp have a beautiful,warm tube sound.
This is a very dificult because first I must listen and then decide what is the best for me.
Hi DKrab,just want to remind you,if you use Gamut power amp,you better choose balance pre,because this is Gamut recommand,hope you can find a good tube pre.


How about the Impedance and Gain match between ARC and GamuT?

Hi Fredrik,I think ARC and Gamut the impedance and Gain is match,but sometimes if you didn't try ,you will not know this mix and match is it suitable for you.and you know for beginning Gamut product is working in studio,so the sound should be monitor,and ARC ref 3 also very accuracy,so...........or may be you will love ARC match last,everybody taste different,just go to try,hear what you want.

How about VTL 6.5 preamp match GamuT D200mk III ?
i tried audio research ls15 with gamut. Arc is very noisy for gamut, with this high damping. Best result with its own pre