GamuT D200I vs Kinki Studio

I own neither but have a standing deal on a GamuT D200i amplifier which I am considering. Knowing it is a decade old or so and that other and "newer" amps have come out since then. I have not listened to the D200i and while I am considering it, I have actually never listened to it but know many love this amp - which got me interested in the first place, that the use of only 2 MOSFET’s / chn. But now I’ve got my eye on Kinki Studio which gets grave reviews as being very revealing and authoritarian - I like that.
So, I am reaching out to see if someone have the experience of both and would like to share their findings - a pure verses comment. Which one is more likely to have the largest soundstage, instrumental separation and details ?

The D200i is roughly $2300 so not much cheaper compared to say EX-7M which is $350 more.

The GamuT D200i outputting 220 WPC into 8ohms using two 800va power transformer vs  Kinki Studio EX-M7 output rated 250 WPC at 8ohms using two 400va transformer, if driving current hungry speakers or sensitivity less than 87dB, I will not recommend the EX-M7.  
I think Gamut is in a different class, people that own then, very seldom sell, at least here in Scandinavia. Quality products.
Been reading online and apparently there is a tangible difference between D200MkIII and the D200i. So far, I've not heard any bad words about the D200i.