Gamut D100

I am just starting to audition high end amps in a controlled setting, this is the first. Wow, are they all as great as this , or did I hit a particularly spectacular one? Great deep soundstage, instruments really bloom out from a dead quiet void. Musical, very "fast". I have a Naim cd5 and audio physic Virgos. Can any of you audio hounds tell me if this is a value at $3500? Anything else I should try? I am big on value, I will spend the $$$$ only if it is worth it.
Hello,I believe a simple yes will answer your question.I have had my D-100 for almost a year now.This amp has great imaging and micro detail,it will make the Audio Physics sing.I compared the D-100 against many other amps.This would include,Pass Labs x-series,Quicksilver,Audion and a few others I can't recall.I was using Quicksiver V-4's before I purchased the Gamut.I would highly recommend using a tube preamp however.Take it easy,Don
I agree with your the letter. Great amplifier, but I would recommend to upgrade to the GamuT D200 for the additioanal headroom. The GamuT is a bit light in the power supply and the D100 may tend to compress music at its peaks. The D200 just gives you a bit more room...and demo models may be had for $3,200.

By the way, if you like a tighter, more defined bass use a Nordost power cord - a huge improvement!