Gamut CD3 vs Ayre CX-7e ?

I started a thread comparing these two CD players, but unfortunately posted in the wrong area. After an extensive comparison over a few weeks, I finally settled on the more expensive Gamut CD3. The Ayre is probably the benchmark at its pricepoint. Both are excellent, but in my system, the Gamut outclassed the Ayre in micro detail and 3D holographic imaging. After a further month of running in, it has only improved. Where I felt the Ayre was slightly richer and warmer in the lower frequencies, with lots of run in time, the Gamut has improved in this area remarkably. I dont have the Ayre to compare anymore, but I couldnt be happier with my choice. Anyone else had experience with the Gamut CD3 or compared it with other players? I know the reviews are outstanding, but would like to hear more real world feedback.
Hello, I purchased the GamuT CD 1 in 2004. In 2006 I got the CD3. I belong to an Audio Club here in San Diego and have heard many systems. I agree with you that the GamuT CD 3 is very detailed however sometimes that is it’s downfall. What I mean is I strive to have my system sound let’s say “organic”. What I mean is no additives or preservatives added to the sound. Just raw natural sound for me. I feel that in some cases the highs are to edgy and the lows are not as defined as I would expect from a CDP at this price point. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the sound and it’s been a great CDP for me over the years. The only CDP I’ve heard that has blown me away is the Resolution Audio Opus 21 CDP on some Harbeth speakers. What makes up the rest of your system?

San Diego
Darredon, I use the Gamut DI150 amp and Dali Helicon 800 mk2 speakers. I find the system to be free from what you describe, but found that choosing the right IC (Nordost Heimdal) and speaker cable (Chord epic super twin), plus fully running the system in made all the difference. I would describe the highs as quite gentle but exquisitely detailed and smooth, and the lows as quite prevalent, and extremely tight and richly harmonic.
I remember being a little concerned initially about what you describe, but it was completely gone after run in, and with the right cables.
I have listened to many higher end apeakers and hi fi set ups and often find them too edgey for me, so i am sensitive to this.