Gamut CD1 Mk.2: Anyone own or listened to it?

I have a chance to get a new one for $1000 off retail and cannot audition it. Any impressions on this unit would be appreciated. The original CD1 was said to have a weakness in the low end. Little to no information on this unit in any forums. No reviews either.
I still didn't listen this player but a good friend of
mine purchased it.He selected CD1Mk2 instead Accuphase
CP 55V just because CD1Mk2 has more weight in the bass
region.I am familiar with claims about CP 55V cause I've
listened him with Theta Miles, my ex player.This is the
only thing I can tell you but at that price you cannot
lose.It is not a problem to sell this player for extra
Don't get caught up in the "Review Syndrome" regarding bass.I HAVE heard this unit and it was wonderful sounding.Well worth the price,even at list!!Be happy!!It is also beautifully made.
I and a friend both owned this model.
We both found it unreliable, disc reading issues.
I ended up with SACD1000 and he went Esoteric.