Gamut CD-1 Please help me with PC choice

I am looking at 3 power cords.
AZ GargantuaII,Virtual dynamics nite,elrod signature.
Please help me with my choice!
Take a look at the Pure Note Sigma,
Elrod seems to be a hot ticket on the gon right now.
I use a Shunyata Anaconda xV on my cd-1, great sound.
I have not tried the 3 you mention.
Test drive em.
They're all great cords and all will sound different in your system. Try to find a way to hear as many as you can before making a decision. It's an important one, so take your time. Don't go by price.
I'm currently using a Van den Hul MainsStream. It seems fine, but I haven't compared to anything else (other than stock) just yet. I will be ordering an Absolute Power Cord (much cheaper than the options you listed) from GTT AV in New Jersey soon. If you like I'll let you know the results.