Gamut/Ayre/Bel Cato

Does anyone have opinions/experience with following ss amp ?

1. Ayre V-3
2. Gamut D-100 MKII
3. Bel Cato, Celia

I am looking for smooth, tube like sound in the range of
$ 1000-1500, used. Any Recommendations ?

Thanks in advance.
If you are looking for a tube sound.... well you have 3 listed totally different sounding amps here to choose. You managed to list them in order of "tube like" sound. Ayre least (although very good) Gamut good sounding but sounds like it has less power than the Ayre and the Bel Canto very tubelike including alot of the old tube like pitfalls. I'd suggest adding the BAT VK200 to the mix...
I have Ayre V-3s in my systems. They get at the very essence of what music is all about. They ain't fancy or audiophilish but ARE a music lover's dream. The only critisizm I have about the amp is that it could have just a tad more treble energy. Balance is great top to bottom, bass is certainly not Krell-like but adequate and tuneful.