GAMUT audio speakers owners.

I just auditioned the Gamut M7 and the RS3i. I was really impressed by both. The M7 sound is so organic that make you feel that you are seating around the performers.
The RS3i was the best room in the NY audio show 2015.
I don't see them on the used market at all what it means owners keep them. I preferred their sound over many others.
I would like to hear from owners of gamut speakers, what kind of gear you are using and how you ended up getting them?
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Hello Mountainsong:

I recently purchased a pair of Gamut R7Si and am driving them with a pair of Jadis JA30Mkll amps. with the Gamut D3i preamp. This is a pretty heavenly combo as long as you don't want to wake the neighborhood.

I have owned compression driver horns for the past 12 years and this is the first dynamic driver box speaker I liked as much with the life of the Edgarhorns. The Gamuts go down to 22Hz with authority and are very honest to the source. A lot of credit goes to the cabinet's 21 layers of wood keeping the speaker alive.


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They are quite hard to drive. I use either a CJ  SS amp or the Gamut 200.
D200i with D3i unless  you have a huge space and play loud volumes.
Gamut with gamut certainly best. I tried several amps.
I think you need 100 "good watts" with current. I learned about this speaker's needs the hard way by owning to little power at first.
I get along great with the RS7i using the CAT JL5 120W/CAT SL1 Black Path preamp. combo along with a set of YBA 600 Passion monoblocks for a different presentation. The YBA is one of those SS designs that has a very refined sound such as the Gamut D200i or the D250i monoblocks. I owned the D200i for a short period so I have heard them both. The Gamut and YBA have similar refinement and a lack of SS nasty's with musicality. They  have some tube qualities with SS drive. 
The CAT tube gear speaks on its own and they now run the tubes at a low level. Great feeling owning them knowing not much out there any better....simply amazing musicality with drive.
Happy Listening,