GamuT Amplifiers

I am interested in, and have favorably auditioned, the GamuT Di-150 LE integrated amplifier. I am reading about their single pair of very large NPN transistors per channel. I’m wondering if there is a real electrical benefit to this approach vs multiple paralleled transistors. Gamut mentions that multiple paralleled transistors per channel used in most high end amplifiers lead to sonic smearing and phase Irregularities related to electrical and thermal differences in the multiple paralleled transistors. I do not have much technical background. Could it be that their approach may have only theoretical benefit vs multiple paralleled transistors. How about using only NPN pairs?  I’d appreciate your thoughts.
I believe Nelson Pass wrote a White Paper on this subject.  
There are several great reviews on the GamuT amps that discuss this subject, some more technically than others.  While there are a lot of differing opinions on this topic.  I will say that IMO the GamuT amps are more neutral and color-free than any other sand amps I have ever heard or owned.