Game Changing Tweak

I bought a pair of electrical devices called Electraclear from a company called AddPowr. They're simply plugged into an electrical outlet that's shared by your system. I paid under $300 for them and they've boosted my system's fidelity dramatically. In the 1800's,  a physicist and mathematician, Joseph Fourier, delved into the science of harmonics, and now the founder of AddPowr used these equations to increase the signal to noise ratio. (more signal=less noise) His devices act as harmonic resonators. He worked for a high-end audio cable company before focusing on this new range of products.
   I thought that when I first received the Electraclears, the difference would be subtle. To my surprise and delight, it was a stunning change. I was hearing music from the inside out. Cleaner, more dynamic, and a far greater and noticeable improvement than my power conditioner produces.
   I love finding inexpensive audio devices that work. The company makes other products, but I'd recommend a pair of Electraclears to start. 
Of the two extremist groups in our hobby, the snake oil salesmen do contribute as they stumble upon a tweak that actually works every so often. Other than annoying the rest of us, naysayers never contribute anything to audio. I’d much rather be auditioning some weird & wonderful tweak even if it doesn’t work, than be listening to a self obsessed blowhard telling me why something won’t work because he doesn’t understand the science behind it. 

Not surprisingly, I have never heard a naysayer’s system sound anything but crap. 
Hear! Hear! pauly.
  I couldn't have said it better myself!