Game Changing Tweak

I bought a pair of electrical devices called Electraclear from a company called AddPowr. They're simply plugged into an electrical outlet that's shared by your system. I paid under $300 for them and they've boosted my system's fidelity dramatically. In the 1800's,  a physicist and mathematician, Joseph Fourier, delved into the science of harmonics, and now the founder of AddPowr used these equations to increase the signal to noise ratio. (more signal=less noise) His devices act as harmonic resonators. He worked for a high-end audio cable company before focusing on this new range of products.
   I thought that when I first received the Electraclears, the difference would be subtle. To my surprise and delight, it was a stunning change. I was hearing music from the inside out. Cleaner, more dynamic, and a far greater and noticeable improvement than my power conditioner produces.
   I love finding inexpensive audio devices that work. The company makes other products, but I'd recommend a pair of Electraclears to start. 
"Said rooms almost universally have the most gawd awful sonics."   That's the dumbest post I have yet to read here. You're a complete ignoramus to make a statement like that. If you can't afford the price of a ticket to an audio show, then you certainly can't test drive anything in the audio market even with a money back guarantee. Save up some money from your newspaper route, buy the units and come back here informed. Anything other than that is juvenile. 

Sunshine, I was in the audio field for 20+ years. I have a Grammy nomination, a patent, invented the Vocal Splicer, designed and built 5.1 scoring monitors, was head of Analog R&D for AMS-Neve, consulted for the biggest names in the industry.

I endured, never enjoyed, more shows than I can forget.

Universally, when people who know live acoustic music hear my system they are blown away by how musical it is and make comments like "Wow. Wow! Awesome!! Joe Pass is sitting right there!" "Man, your system is so precise!" on hearing Warren Zevon ’Werewolves of London’ "Who needs concerts?" on hearing Queen ’Bohmenian Rhapsody’ "Man, it’s like I could walk up and sit in." said a jazz guitarist on hearing Ben Webster ’Remember Me’
George Harrison had a Scouse accent - VERY different from Cockney. 
The audiophile I referred to would use top of the line Ortofon and Miyajima cartridges, some retailing for $12,000, the top of the line VPI turntables, and high end speakers in the $40,000 range. Now price doesn't necessarily confer quality, but he's been in the audio business for forty years. Too bad you missed his rooms, it was an education. I also know what live music is, having gone to concerts at Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall, and Zankel Hall for decades. With your technical background, you ought to already know what ADDPowr is doing or simply ask them for the information you need instead of crowing "FAKE" like a jealous has-been.