Gallo Strada vs Paradigm Signature S1

So I’m buying new speakers for my office system, and have narrowed it down to 2 finalists: the new Gallo Reference Strada and the Paradigm Signature S1 v.3. Unfortunately, I can’t find anyone that has either to audition. I have auditioned the Paradigm Studio 20’s to get the general Paradigm sound. I also own some Gallo A’divas used in my portable system. But clearly that isn’t the same.

So I’m looking for anyone that has auditioned them both, to get any input on which would be better for the setup I have. They will be stand mounted on my desk, 6 to 8 inches off the wall, need to have low power requirements, and be fairly efficient. They will be driven by a Roth MC4 iPod doc (tube pre/13 ss watts per), with iPad/iTouch as source, a Mirage S8 sub to augment bass, and I listen to mostly mellow music, but it varies greatly.

In the winter, these will be stand mounted as primary speakers running off a Marantz SR7001 Receiver (110 watts per), with a tube buffer. They will have the same sub, and will be cutoff at 120hz.

Anyone actually heard these two speakers?
manoterror one has heard them?
I have the paradigm S8's... not too sure how much this will help. But I am in love with the BE tweeter, it presents razor sharp imaging, never too wide or sloppy with alot of air to it.
I sugguest you compare it to B&W's, Revel and Dynaudio. I did and chose the paradigms.
@Docks: I have heard the B&W diamond tweeters, and to pick the S8 above them says a lot. Thanks much for the input.

I have the Strada mounted on a wall unit about 4 feet apart. I have heard both, the Stradas are more 3d than the Paradigm, they spread the sound out like nothing else especially since I have them on a Wall unit where the tv is, these were the only option to getting high end sound on a bookshelf. When I had them free standing 6 ft apart they were killer, I use them with a sub. Don't compare them to lesser Gallos, compare to the 3.5s which I have heard. the most lifelike of anything available bar none.
@Bbchem, thanks for the input. I have a pair of A'Divas I use on my desktop with a sub, and even a humble speaker like this one has the most amazing detail and imaging I've heard. My only concern with the Gallo speakers is the thin midbass between about 100hz and 500hz. I find myself missing the added weight of that range when listening to them.

Do the Stradas also suffer this, or are they filled out more competely? Other than that one thing...I think they are simply brilliant.
My Strada's on floor stands are flat to around 80 hz, and the midbass seems to have sufficient weight. I crossover to a TR3 sub at 80hz and transition is smooth. They seem to be voiced somewhat for boundary reinforcement but remain some of the most position neutral speakers I've ever used. I haven't heard the Paradigm's but the Strada's blew away anything else I auditioned.
I do not find them lacking in that region, I also use a sub-woofer crossed at 80HZ. I have had GALLO 3.0S.
Thanks so much...your input is hugely appreciated.
I'm looking at getting a pair of Strada myself for my desktop. Please update us when you've made your decision. I can tell you I heard the 3.5 at last year's Apoxna show. Blew the doors off everything I heard except for a $75,000 Legacy system. If the Strada's sound even half as good, I'd pick them in a heart beat.

Also, have you seen the 6 moons review of the Strada as a desktop speaker? Very glowing review.
@Dhoff01: Yeah, the 6moons review was one of the main reasons they are in my top two. I use the A'Diva on my desktop now, and the detail and delicacy of the music is truly amazing. I'm lost in my decision. :-)
I have used Strada's in a 7.1 HT setup for a little less than a year. They are exceptional speakers and a laughably good bargain at their price point.