Gallo Strada vs Gallo Reference A/V

I'm setting up a separate home theater system, and due to lack of real estate on the floor around the flatscreen I'm considering mounting some Anthony Gallo speakers on the wall.

Has anyone done a side by side with the Gallo Stradas vs Reference Speakers?

Any other smaller mountables to recommend that approach hi-fi sound?

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Hi Bigasscab,

I own both the Gallo Due and the Reference Stradas. Now the Due has the original CDT tweeter while the Reference A/Vs have the CDT II and the stradas have the CDT III. I can tell you that there is a huge difference between the Dues and the Stradas, and therefore I would surmise that that the Ref A/Vs are better sounding than the Dues, but not as good as the Stradas. Out of all the opinions I've read, only one felt that the ref A/V was better than the Strada...the overwhelming majority felt the opposite. Get the won't look back. I've upgraded my electronics around them and they sound fantastic. Hope this helps.