Gallo Strada Reference 2 WIRES???

I just received a pair of Gallo Strada 2's and a TRD 2 Bass Speaker.

Can I please have some recommendations for appropriate speaker cables?
My personal opinion based on 3 cables I know well:

1. The Mapleshade Clearview Double Golden Helix speaker cable (10' stereo pair $380.00):

This a very simple-looking yet proprietary design unlike most any other. The conductors are silver-plated, high-purity single-strand copper which are heat-treated to Mapleshade's specs. The cables are then insulated with an ultra-thin film of dielectric tightly twisted at a rate of approximately 32 twists per foot, one gold, one green.

They sound pretty good for the money! The transient response of these cables is one of the best I've heard and soundstaging is first-rate. Every now and then they will come up in Agon but they go fast!

2. Kimber 8TC (10' stereo pair $460.00 but you can buy used in Agon for half the price):

These speaker cables consist of sixteen individual TCSS conductors; eight clear and eight white, arranged in a large format braid. The wire is supposed to be “hyper-pure copper utilizing their proven VariStrand conductor geometry.” Kimber claims to have managed to efficiently pack a lot of wire density into a small area.

They also sound pretty good as well. I guess that the best way to descibe them will be that they sound "neutral" with very little coloration. If you are looking for a proven cable that will do no harm to the signal (or your budget), the Kimber 8TC may be your cable.

3. Straightwire Maestro cables (retail price for 10' was about $1,260.00 but you can buy them used for about $300.00 - $400.00 in Agon)

A benchmark series of cables for close to 3 decades. Known for remarkable detail and focus, these symmetrical coax cables are still in use by thousands of audiophiles throughout the world.

Individually insulated strands and microporus PTFE are combined in a cable series that still excites and captivates listeners with astounding perfomance abilities.

This is simply my favorite cable because I find them to be extremely neutral with ZERO coloration. Bass comes out taut and fully extended, always under control. Midrange? Sooooo natural and precise! While treble comes out airy, clear, always detailed, never harsh.

These cables have been around for decades and I have NEVER seen this product oxidize (turn green). These are trully remarcable cables that you can buy cheap at Audiogon.

Again, this is MY personal opinion on 3 cables I know well.