Gallo Strada Reference

I'm will be using Gallo A'Diva speakers in a very small room (12 x 12) for a surround system and wondered if it would it be advisable to purchase the Reference Strada as a center speaker? OR purchase the 5 A'divas and use one as a center?

I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around one of those small A'divas as a center speaker and wonder how good it would be?

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

In a room that size, I think the A'Divas would be plenty, but if you want a bit more from the center, you could also look at a used Gallo Due for the center. Probably a quarter as much as the Strada. I think the Strada might be overkill with A'Divas for the rest...might overpower the A'Divas. You could also pick up an additional A'Diva and run two in tandem as your center if you think one won't be adequate.

I'd put the money towards 2 more A'Divas for 7.1, etc.

Good Luck.
I haven't heard an A'Diva along with a Strada, or even A/B'd them. But it's my opinion that the front speakers in a surround system should all be the same. I know that they are all Gallo speakers but the construction is so different between them that I think the voicing is likely to be pretty different between the Strada and the A'Divas. If I were you I'd go with an all A'Diva system. Better yet, get 3 Strada across the front and use the A'Diva as surrounds ;~)