Gallo Strada Center or Ref AV Center

Hi All,
I just acquired a pair of used Gallo Ref 3.0's and I am now on the hunt for a center channel. Everything that I know about speakers tells me that I should be finding and then buying the Gallo Ref Av Center because that uses the exact same tweeter in the ref av 3.0 and the main drivers are nearly identical. Is this correct or will the newer Strada 1 (not 2) centers work just as well. I ask because a strada center will actually be cheaper then a ref AV center, but I want the best voicing and best speaker so I am willing to buy the ref AV if it makes more sense. Thanks for your help.
I haven't heard the Strada, but the Ref AV center is a beast, in the best sense of the word. I hunted for a Due center to match my left and right with no luck. Then I ran across a trio of Ref AVs here on Audiogon. They were more than I wanted to spend and more than twice the size of the Dues, but I think I made the right choice by going large. YMMV.
The closer the match, the better. REf AV gets my vote.