Gallo Reference3 back orders

Has anyone recently taken delivery of Gallo Ref3 speakers? When did you place the order? Gallo is filling back orders on a first come first served basis. I ordered a pair on March 14th and am trying to figure out when they will be delivered. Neither my vendor nor Gallo will commit to anything!

One of the drawbacks of building stuff overseas, takes quite some time to get to you by slow boat. You save money having stuff built in China, but you certainly add plenty of time to the mix. Patience is a virtue... Jeff
I was an early adopter and got mine last October - If it helps, my message to you is that these speakers really are worth waiting for.
March 14th? I don't feel so bad now, April 11th for me. Hope you get yours soon.
Since April 11 for me as well. What bothers me more than anything is I can't get an update from my dealer as to when it is reasonable to expect them. I realize they are exceedingly popular, but how am I supposed to be the envy of my friends if I can't get them home? :)
I ordered my pair in the beginning of December 2004. I waited until the end of March this year. I got zero feedback from Gallo, and the local distributor for my country could not give me any information. I do not blame him really - Gallo were dodging questions from the both of us!

I am sorry but 3-4 months?? That is a joke. At least if someone got back to me with anything useful...but no, all I got was 1-2 emails sometime in January and February telling me that there is further delays.

I ordered the speakers and SA at the same time, and the last word I got from Gallo was delivery by spring (which would have been around end of March). I do not even know when either will be available.

I cancelled the order - customer service was terrible and the wait unacceptable. realize "Spring" includes May and most of June, right?
I would agree that they are worth the wait. I also got mine last fall (actually the last pair from my dealer). Anyway Gallo has a reputation of taking their time to bring things to market, and their production is unpredictable at best. The SA amp was reviewed and launched over a year ago and I don't think they're shipping. The center channel was previewed back in September and there is still no ETA. Last time I checked in with Gallo via email, they told me the center may be further delayed and they may come out with a LCR unit first.
Jcruse - the response I got from Gallo said Spring, latest end of March :) . They specifically said that delivery would be by end of march, for both the speakers AND the amp!

And I understand Teonyc's point of "Gallo has a reputation of taking their time to bring things to market, and their production is unpredictable at best" but it is not like the speakers are really new. They were being produced and sold for about 4-5 months I believe, and then production halted for some reason reason and did not get back on track (yet).
I think we also need to consider that Gallo was not prepared for how popular these speakers were going to be. Knowing how manufacturing works, I'm not too surprise by the long delay, especially since the plant is in China. Its cheapest to ship full container load, so its not like they are shipping as they make them. Depending on their speed, they might wait weeks for a load before shipping. I'd rather wait a little longer and have them do all the testing and do it right then try to rush it and fill the orders. The only compliant is that they should be able to inform the dealers the actual timing and be upfront with delivery instead of dancing around the issue. I think most people will accept the long delay if they just relay the info. I had to wait 4 months for my Magnepan 3.6's when they first came out, so I'm use to it.
I heard that Gallo had quality control problems at the end of last year. They had to reject many speakers because of defects in the metal spine. This, plus the unexpected popularity, caused the back orders. I called Gallo recently and they are still forecasting a three month wait for orders placed now. But I also heard that they will catch up with all back orders over the summer.
As of May 20th they were just completing the January orders and planned to have those out by end of May. It is running nearly 4 months right now. I have been very lucky, my dealer is very responsive in gathering additional information and status updates. Hang in there, it is going to be worth the wait!
The audiophile industry seems to be like no other in how long it takes to fill orders. Waits of months is the norm in my experience. It's not a hobby for the impatient.
I ordered my Ref 3 speakers on November 10 2004. They arrived about 3 weeks ago. I also ordered the SA amp which isn't due to arrive until sometime in June. Hang in there guys they are very impressive speakers and well worth the wait!
I too am considering these speakers as they appear to be huge giant killers. Under 3 grand new for 34hz bass, add the other amp and 22 hz for about 4 grand or so. Of course I am also skeptical of breaking the laws of physics and marketing. Will have to listen definitely. As an aside I am also considering Hyperion 938's and the Von Schweikert line. Legacy's Focus went down the tubes although I really wanted them prior to listening. They had more bottom than my Matrix 804's and a better tweeter but they did not have the midrange or openess I get from my B&W's. Any tips about any of these speakers let me know.