Gallo Reference tweeters, fixable?

I have a set of Gallo Reference and one of the tweeters isn't working. It happened when they were moved. Anyone in the country fix these? Roundsound couldn't give me any help. They only told me that in order to remove the tweeter I need to drill out the rivits on the speaker. Any help would be appreciated.
Dan,the tweeters are not available.There are some who are trying to mate the new,smaller CDT to the older Nucleus series.But the new Gallos are assembled in China,so getting the driver is proving to be difficult.
If you are having problems you should contact the manufacturer directly. I have repaired speakers three times very easily and at very little cost. When a dealer gives me the run around I simply go to the manufacturer directly.....(dealers naturally tend to be more interested in new equipment sales and will roll their eyes over repairs whilst a good manufacturer always cares about their products and will support or provide upgrade paths for older models for many years)
Dan, The Fontec 5" ribbon tweeter works wonderfully with the Dynaudio.These are available from Madisound and run a little over $200/pair.They will require a 4.0UF cap.5Khz x-over and a L-Pad to adjust level.I used an 8 ohm/50W version.I have a posted picture of the Dynaudio/Fontec arrangement in my system post.
They sound great together and remove the room from the equation VS the 330 degree radiarion of the CDT.