Gallo Reference series question

I was hesitant to pose this question, as these forums are really out of my league, but curiosity got the best of me. I'm a newbie preparing to invest in a "low-end" Hi-Fi system. I heard the 3.1s recently and my neophyte ears, and eyes (cringe), were impressed. I've learned from the forums how important the pre-amp, amplifier, cabling, etc. is to the sound quality, in addition to the speakers. So I was wondering- I see a lot of the Reference 3s up for sale for quite a bit less than the 3.1s. Is the difference in sound quality enough that I wouldn't be just as well off getting the 3s and spending the difference on a slightly better amp or preamp? I've been reading your forums a lot (they seem to be the most knowledgeable I've found) and there seems to be a lot of loyalty to older speakers- as opposed to every new incarnation on the market. I don't have the serious money to put in to a system, and maybe never will, so several hundred dollars here or there could make a difference. If anyone wants to give an opinion- I'd gladly listen. I'd like to use the system for both pure audio and some home theater. I also spent 20+ years playing drums, and frankly, my ears aren't brand new if you know what I mean. Sorry for the length of this question.
You heard the 3.1's and liked them. The 3.1's are great speakers. They are one of my favorite speakers. I will be honest, I've never heard the 3's. People I know that heard both said the 3.1's were much better.

When I built a system the speakers where one of the last purchases I made. I believe the speakers need to match well with the rest of your system. I bring this up because it sounds like you don't own anything yet.

I believe these speakers will match well with most reasonably powered equipment. I drive mine with Canary CA-339's (50 watt per channel). My amps drive the heck out of them. I was not as happy hearing them with 25 watts. I am no lover of the add on sub amp.

I don't think it is easy to find speakers for this little money that have all these have to offer. I would stay with these unless I actually heard and was happy with the 3's.

I believe you will never be sorry if you buy these. Even if you sell them, you will get most of your money back. Enjoy the journey.
Thanks for your response. You are correct in that I will be building from scratch. I have previously owned "consumer" level stuff- Klipsch, Orb, Integra, but never delved into the next level. There is a lot to learn, it will be a long journey, and hopefully: an entertaining one. Once again, thanks for your opinion on the 3.1s.
Gallo's are an inspiration! (Round sound forever. - This is more a theory of how sound is propagated. A correct one in my estimation.) They do appreciate a healthy dose of power. [ Personally, I bought, sold & re-bought the Nucleus Ref 2's.] Their bass spheres and revolutionary tweeters/ sound like 360 degree ribbons/; fast!

It sounds like you've had a favorable experience with the 3.1's. Like Truman, I still own my Gallo Nucleus Reference II's. I drove them with a Sony XA7ES CD player, Jeff Rowland Consummate preamp, and Spectron amplifier. The sound was very satisfying (I had been out of high-end audio for over 25 years at this point).

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I've had the original Reference 3s for 4+ years and love them. I've never heard of anyone having a problem with these speakers (though someone must) and recommend that you save some money and buy a used pair. Good luck, Dave