Gallo reference placement?

I'm considering the Gallo Reference III, but they will be in my living room. They are of course, an unusual design. Can anyone tell me how close they can be so rear and side walls without suffering?
I think most have found that ideally the speakers sound their best with at least 3 feet behind them, I did. The wide dispersion of the tweeter makes placement next to a wall an uncomfortable excersise in high-freq multiplication. In this case sound absorbing/defracting materials are highly recommended (wife permitting). Good luck. Dipoles (panel speakers) do much better next to sidewalls.

Earthpulse is correct on about 3ft from back wall,and rule of thumb for side wall is Room Length (divided by 18)X(5)X(12) and that will give you inches to the center of the speaker for placement form each side wall.This was right on for me in my room and then I towed them in about (2 inches) and locked them in...
good listening
Good Morning everyone. This thread popped up on a similar Gallo Reference 3 series speaker thread I was posting on so i'm going to resurrect this one as well. Has anyone placed a Gallo Reference 3.* speaker in a 14'x14' room ceilings would be about 8-9 ft high? Room treatments are TBD. Any ideas/thoughts on placement? Does the 3ft suggestion above still apply?

Thanks in advance.