Gallo Reference 3.5 Speakers. Now Looking For Amp

Recently purchased a pair of Gallo 3.5's. I have been reading Audiogon for years, but this is my first question. Your assistance and expertise as to which amplifiers should be considered with these speakers would be greatly appreciated.

These speakers were selected to replace my B&W 805s speakers due to the fact that my equipment is going into a small music room (11'x13') where there is no dedicated seating for the purpose of listening to music. There is a drum set, 2 keyboards, 2 guitar positions, stereo rack flanked by speakers and a plasma tv on the wall above the stereo system. The center of the room is open as the music equipment has been placed more towards the walls. The 805s just don't have enough clarity and instrument separation when listening to them from one of the music positions. For the most part, the only time the stereo system is on is when I am playing one of the instruments.

Speaker positioning is limited in this current layout. Hopefully, a larger room will happen in the next few years but for now, this is it. If the room size does change, I will design a dedicated listening space in the new room. This is the reason for buying the best equipment possible for now (budget permitting). If the right pieces are added now, they won't necessarily have to be changed later.

I understand that these speakers do require some power to push them. "Preowned equipment" for the amplifier would be "preferred". Budget for the amplifier would probably max out at the $4,000-$4,500 range, but do not have to spend that much if something more economical does a great job. Musical style ranges from Blues, 70's-80's Rock, Santana, 'especially' acoustic guitar, etc... (not a fan of classical, but can appreciate it).

My current amplifier that will be replaced is a Rotel 1080. No problems with it, just thought it would be a good time to upgrade. I don't mind spending the money as long as it makes a noticeable difference!!!!!! Just trying to think long term and I do appreciate quality equipment.
I wonder where you are at with your system from 2013?
I started my passion with hi-fi in the mid 70's. I had gear like b&o, luxman amps, nakamichi, teac decks, Akai reel to reel, Kef 103.2, later 105.4 speakers, thoren table, formula 4 arm and Shure mark V Cartridge, Stax headphone.
Then I left home to come to Canada. Never had a chance to get back into it. I missed it a lot. Used to have 4-500 LPs, spent 10 minutes to pick a record, another 5 minutes to clean and set it up. Ran to my spot to listen for a few minutes. Then all over again lol. 
By chance I bought a pair of AG 3.5 in 2014, a set of AG reference surround and a centre. I came across with this article about how good emotiva was. I bought XPA-5 and the Sherbourn PT 7030 7 channel pre/pro. Thought would go with the digital route with lossless format (I am a complete rookie after 40 years).
Problems started - Sherbourn didn't come with a manual. I read something like "if u need a manual u better get a professional to do everything for you ..." At that point I thought maybe I should have invested in a used bema m3 lol. My space in the basement is far from OK much less good, "sorta" rectangular shape with hall way to laundry room on one side,  stairwell going up on the other side, a small bedroom on the third side with gun and wine cabinets in front of it. basically it's a half finished basement with concrete floor, no ceiling but all dry walled.
I use monoprice XLR connect cable, 12 guage speaker wires. I hooked everything up without any sonic adjustment. Back in the days we always played everything FLAT. Even if I had to I wouldn't know how to play around with all this high tech buttons and switches lol. 
A few days later I finally got some sound. It was OK but far from my old system 40 years ago much less the SUPERB QUALITY I was led to believe. I knew my inability and lack of modern techniques were most of my problems. I could have bought the KEF R900 and the Marantz pre/pro from a neighbourhood stereo shop for $9000. Now I spent more money and didn't know how to set it up. The 3.5 were barely delivering any bass. For a quick fix, I bought a 800 watt mirage Sub to lie to my ears. I lost interest, gave up and walked away for 3 years. 
Lately I am downstairs messing with it again. Took me a few days to re-learn how to turn everything on again. I would hate to admit a defeat to my passion and sell everything for cheap. Or I should give it another shot.
First, I gotta re-learn new gear, concepts, operating procedures, pricing etc. I hung out in high end stereo shops, helped them move gear around for demo, in return these old guys showed me stuff. Now I am learning online. Can't believe everything we read, right? I am reading up how to treat my space. Owens Corning 703 are no where to be found in Canada OUCH!!!! A couple of sites offer to do it for $5000-$8000. WOW, REALLY???
Someone suggested AG SA amp. First, can't find it. Second, other gurus said just feed THE 3.5's with a lot of clean power and forget about the sub amp.
Another problem, I am running a 5-channel power amp with a 7-channel pre. There is hardly any surround coming out of my back AG Reference Surround.  Damn, my head is spinning now lol. 
Am i missing a few steps in hooking up therefore getting inferior sound? I prefer no extra colouration, just the way it was recorded. Should I continue with emotiva big power amps for the main and keep the XPA-5 for surround? Or should I get something like a Spectron, or your Axiom? Big amp for speaker main in? Or another amp to feed the second coil? 
I just got married last year, for the first time, and started a new business 2 months ago, I would be more cautious this time around in buying gear.$1000-$3000 is automatic. Over that I will have to think about it. I don't included gear. I also wanna remodel my basement to turn it into a listening room. That should improve a of right there.
Any advice, from anybody, would be appreciated. I feel like Carlos santana asking for help to plug in a guitar lol.
Donrua, I would suggest going over to the emotiva lounge forum.  For starters, here is the thread on the Sherbourn PT7030.

You could read through the thread or just post questions(you'll have to probably join the forum first).  That said, it sounds like your passion is music, correct me if I'm wrong.  99% of music needs only 2 speakers.  2 channel only.  In addition, you are coming from a 2 channel history and are now trying to set up a 5 channel processor(the Sherbourn) that is about 4 years old and already somewhat out of date as the technology moves stupid fast these days.  Ever hear of Atmos speakers on your ceiling?  Don't even bother.

Anyway, I would suggest considering just doing a 2 channel system. 2 speakers, a good amp and some excellent speakers with whatever you want to play your music with.  A turntable.  A cd player.  A DAC to play your digital music with if you roll that way.

I tried to look up your AG 3.5 speakers but can't find much on them.  I'm not a big fan of Emotiva after owning three of their components. They owned Sherbourn, and not having a manual for you was lame.  

PS, I run everything flat in my 2 channel system.  For music, it's the only way for me.  In my theater, I let Audyysey tailor the sound.  Hope this helps.
If you had the sub amp to run the 2nd voice coil of the woofer would you use a HH Scott 299C integrated to power the Gallo Refs? This thread came up on a google search so I figure I'd just resurrect it than post anew. Thanks in advance.