Gallo reference 3.1 Amp + Pre? LINN MAJIK DS


I'm a newbie in the hi-fi world. However, having aquired a pair of used Gallo's and a Linn Majik DS, I need to ask what is the best system match for these components?

I'm looking for a sound that is not too clinical or precise, but not too warm or mushy. The DS is supposed to be rather detailed, so they say. I would say I would like a sound on the neutral to slightly warm side while presevering detail without harshness.

I'm open to monoblocs, tubes, etc.. whatever is the best comination. I listen to electronic (ambient, trance, chill, goa), Indie and experimental/post rock, classical (piano concertos mainly), world music, symphonic/folk rock.

I'm confused about how to match the Linn. Do I need to go Linn pre and amp to make the DS shine, or other will manufacturers work better? I.e, tube amps?

Systems I've heard from those who own Gallos:

Nuforce monos, Spectron, Butler or Modwright tube pres.
Bell Canto or McIntosh.

Thanks for your help

If you purchased your Majik DS from a Linn dealer, then I would suggest you go audition it with an all Linn system at your dealer's shop.

Linn is well known for its system synergy. Mixing different manufacturers is okay, but having done a lot of that in the past, I have now settled on an all Linn system except my CD player. I will be getting a DS soon.

Hope that helps.
Sorry, I intend to use the Gallos .. also I have my DS used. I also love my Gallos and hate Linn speakers due to the materials used. Sorry, I can't use Linn Speakers.
Since I have the Gallos, I'd rather intend to keep them for now, given that they suit my room well. So, any advice for a pre and amp for the Linn DS and Gallos.
Anyone know how the Linn would react with the Gallos and what pre and amp to get?
IMO the Spectron Sig III amp is an excellent match for the Gallo 3.1's. Especially if you are not using the Gallo subamp.

As for pre-amps, you could go in several different directions but I believe tubed; Modwright, BAT, etc., would balance out your system nicely.

Don't know anything about the Linn DS but I don't see any reason why it would not work well with the above system configuration.
I use the Bel Canto S300i integrated with an Akurate DS and Gallo Ref 3.1s. It's awesome. Haven't heard a great number of systems, but I find mine to have a really natural, unforced presentation - it sounds great from electronica to solo guitar/vocal.

I have designs on a pair of BC REF500Ms and running the DS direct, using its digital volume control. You could run your MDS without a preamp if you only have a single source.
Check out the Butler Tube/SS hybrids - *excellent* amps for the Gallos. Here's a 6 Moons review:

I have a Butler TBD-5150 powering Gallos in my surround sound system and it sounds spectacular!


Not sure you still get the linn DS..
I am using the majik with an Almaro 318B and it sounds amaizing!
I currently have a pair of Klipsch chorus and the combination is awesome.

All the best
Anthony Gallo Reference and many other speakers were developed (voiced ) using Spectron amplifiers. For many years, Mr. Gallo displays his speakers at CES, RMAF and similar hi-fi shows only with Spectron amplifiers. So it is not a "brainer".

Moreover, Spectron amplifier has very high input impedance - this allows you to match it with any preamp including best tube preamplifier. BAT is truly excellent, Joule-Electra, my favorite, preamps were voiced along with Spectron and thus there is synergy between Joule-Electra,. Spectron and Gallo

If you choose other transistor amplifier like Nuforce you mentioned - check its input impedance for matching with tube preamps in future

All The Best