gallo ref 3's amp recommendation


I have a pair of gallo ref 3 + a marantz pm17 amplifier and I am looking for something to improve my listenings. I was thinking I could use the pm17 into the sub input and get a new amplifier for the main input. So i am looking at a shanling stp80 amplifier to match my shanling scd-t200c cd player, which would make a nice setup finally, but I wonder if anyone had a better idea.
McCormack DNA225
What is it that you would like to improve in your listening sessions? Do you feel something lacking? If you like the tube sound go with the Shanling amplifier. it will definitely be a conversation piece with your CD player.
You have alot of choices for amps and the Gallos are easily driven. You could also change the interconnects and/or speaker cables to alter the sound as you see fit.
Good luck and have fun!

well I feel they could do better in term of bass extension. By the time before I had them, I had a triphonic system with two floorstanders 6" speakers + a subwoofer and despite the stereo effect was less convincing, the music wass somehow more "dynamic" and this is what looks like is lacking to me.

I've had two idea that for, both very expensive (more than to get the stp80) For example one of my favorite solution was to get a complete densen setup as they look very nice and their power amps include a passive filter in option, but it is a lot of money. Or else I wanted to get a TACT RCS2.2 + amplifiers that looks like THE best way to drive the Gallo's as the RCS as an active crossover included + 2 sub outputs + room correction system, but it is always too expensive and not that nice.

So I turn back to the stp80 + my existing pm17 that is the more affordable solution that fits my needings but maybe someone has an other solution.. as I still need a crossover..