Gallo Ref 3 HT owners-do use additional sub?

Imagine one would have to becuase of sub out but it's does not seem to be featured in ad's for new set ups.EWish for ease of placement they had kept Due in thier line up for rears.But since thie not exctly a sub manucaturer wondering if anybody has used thier companion amp and extra coil for sub out?I would thnk hat would be a muddy solution.So how have you done it?
Jesus, Chazz, are you completely incapable of writing a post that can be understood by average humans? For the love of God, READ your posts out loud to someone else BEFORE clicking the Submit button.

BTW, I have Ref. 3s up front, a Due Center, Due surrounds, and an Earthquake 10" sub to fill-in the bottom end. Sounds great...

As with Ozzy Osbourne, all you need to hear is the first and last word of each sentence and you'll have no problem understanding him, heheh.
I sold my gallos because I didnt like them at all. I did use a seperate sub, and tried the gallo sub amp, which was useless. these speakers might sound better in a small room, didnt sound to good in my 15 x 20 room. If I was stuck with these speakers Id get out of high end audio.Just my taste