Gallo ref 3.1 users please chime in

My set up as of now consists of the following.
Gallo 3.1's
Bel Canto s300i
Rega apollo cdp
acoustic zen matrix II interconnects
alpha-core m2 speaker cable

My original plan was eventually to go with the bel canto pre3 and ref1000's.
Now I'm not sure if that is the way to go for me.

I like the detail and speed it poses now, but am missing some rich midrange and vocal warmth that really brings me into the music, along with soundstage depth.
I mainly listen to rock music.

Should I go with the pre3 and ref1000's or will it be more of the same?

Any recommendations for under 5K used for both preamp and amps will be very helpful. I am not against maybe trying tube gear ether, pre or amps....


You need a tube preamp, I would suggest a BAT. I've used a BAT VK3i and a BAT VK30 with my Ref 3.1's. Get used to the sound and then decide whether you're happy as is, you need a different SS amp, or a tube amp to get the sorta sound you're after.
Lot of variables here to choose from to get the sound you want. I'm using the Audio Research VS110 and the SP16 pre along with Raysonic tubed CD168 and Rel Strata 3 sub with great success. The AR can be had for less than 5G's around here. The Raysonic is also a fantastic player after replace my Sony XA777ES. I also use old Amperex 12AX7 bugle boys tubes and like the fact that I can change tubes to get the "sound" that I like in my pre.
I am using a Music Reference RM200II, which a distinct improvement over my Adcom 555. My preamp is a PS Audio 4.6, which I'll probably upgrade next year to a tube pre-amp. Moving from the Adcom to the Music Reference taught me that the Gallos really like tubes.
Great feedback. One thing I wonder about tube amps, (I never used any) will they still have the detail and pack the punch in the low end like SS? What kind of power will be needed to move the gallo's well, with a tube amp?
I used a BAT-VK60 with my Gallos. The BAT has got low-end punch. Rumor has it that Manley Snappers are also good match, but I have no heard this combination.
Edge M6m or M8m and a nice tube preamp would keep you under your budget.
I use a PrimaLuna Prologue 3 tube preamp with Wyred4Sound monoblocks (a similar set up to your amp). I love the combination of the tube preamp on the Gallos. It's a great deal at around $1500. The pre + W4S monoblocks comes in under $3500.