Gallo REf 3.1 Stands?

In the process of deciding how to build the stands for these speakers. Plan 3 inches wider and 2 inches deeper by 4inches thick. Material will be solid maple and I was wondering if adding a layer of vibration dampening material would be a good idea. If yes, what would be a recommended material?

I built my own stands when I had 3.1s. If you look at what Gallo does there is a washer on each bolt between the bottom of the speaker and the stand. I simply followed their lead in installed a metal washer as a spacer on mine. I don't think it could hurt and might help to us some sort of dampening material. With the washer though there is very little contact between the speaker and the base already. FWIW I built mine with a recessed slot so I could install the factory grills and attach them. They came out great. I also used solid maple and bought solid brass footers from Edensound. I can send pics if you would like. contact me at

I don't think you'd gain anything by damping the stands. I have the ones Pierre Sprey (Mapleshade) designed for your speakers and I'm sure he would be appalled at the idea. Great speakers, especially with the stands. I've moved on to the Gallo Stradas with a pair of TR-3 subs, currently sitting on the Mapleshade stands. Good luck.
Appreciate the feedback. Think I will forget about the dampening material.
Thanks for the pics offer. Will take you up on it.