Gallo Ref 3.1 or PMC GB1/FR1

I'd appreciate any opinions regarding these speakers. I auditioned these speakers from two different dealers with different equipment, but I'm having a hard time making a decision.

Generally speaking, it seemed that the Ref 3.1 directed most of my attention to the details of the specific instruments & vocals, as it drew a larger soundstage and excellent imaging. The PMC just gave me a more foot tapping experience.
I have never listen to any PMC's, but I did just pick up a new pair of the Gallo's. And I can see myself keeping these for a long time. The more I listen, the better I like them. At first, I didn't notice any of that foot tapping experience either. But now that I have gotten them broken in(about 80-100 hours), it seems to be there.
3.1 no contest. PMC make some nice speakers but the GB1 is not as good (have you seen the measurements on the GB1 - worth a visit to soundstage} The tweeter on the PMC is probably more reliable if you are considering this aspect.
I have never heard PMC speakers. I have run Gallo Ref II's for many years. I have heard the Ref III's at my local dealer. The CDT tweeter throws such a nice soundstage. I can enjoy the sound no matter where I am in the room. The more you listen to the Gallos the more every other speaker sounds like a box. There are some exceptions like electrostats, planar and mbl's. The Gallo is a much more interesting speaker too. It's a great conversation piece. The CDT can be over bright with the wrong gear so be careful.
Appreciate all your replies. The Ref 3.1 is my first choice, but the PMC also sounds oh so nice too. There seems to be little press about the PMC brand in the USA. The Ref 3.x have received many excellent reviews with some reviewers replacing their current high priced speakers with the Ref 3.1.

Yes, I've heard that the CDT can be bright. I've read a few posts where they felt the Ref had a roll-off with the lower mid dynamics. I thought I noticed that with some tracks, however, my demo session was rather brief with no A/B reference.

FWIW, the PMC was driven by all McIntosh mono amps/tube pre/cd player. The Ref 3.1 was driven by all BAT mono amps/tube pre/? cd. The PMC just did everything well like an excellent all-around player, but the Ref 3.1 displayed some amazing play.

The Ref 3.1 have some excellent reviews, but here is a post in favor for the FB1

I'd appreciate more input please.
Since you have listened to both speakers, you should have a pretty good idea on which you would prefer more although both sounded great to your ears.

I have not heard Gallos before but I own PMC LB1 Signatures. If you liked the GB1's, you would find the FB1's to be an overall better speaker. The OB1 is the transition between the smaller floorstanders to the huge boxes which have better midrange units apart from bigger bass drivers.

Do let us know which speakers you ended up with. Both speakers are excellent in their own applications. I believe you cannot go wrong with either.
You could drive yourself nuts trying to compare listening experiences at two different dealerships, and with all the variables you're just as apt to make the wrong decision as the right one.

Since you obviously have access to dealers who carry both speakers I'd ask to borrow both of them for the weekend (most reputable dealers will do this). Once you have them both in your room with your equipment your decision will probably come easily, and most importantly you'll know you made the right choice with no second guessing.

Best of luck.
Go with the PMC FB1+, you will love them. I bought a pair back in June and they are everything that review says.
I also heard the Gallos at a friends house a few months before I got the PMCs, and I was not impresssed.

The FB1+ are just so smooth, clean, unfatiguing and a real pleasure to listen to.
Remember, if you do get them, burn in and toe in, very important.