Gallo ref 3.1 cable question

I recently put a pair of gallo reference 3.1s in my system and really like them. I just ran acoustic zen satori and am pretty blown away by them. I
wondering what quality cables people use to the sub inputs on the 3.1s. The same as on the mains or something cheaper. Thanks.
I use less expensive cables on the second voice coil. Can't see spending a lot of money on low frequency bass signals. I do have very good Elrod cables on the main speaker inputs.
I don't use the 2nd voice coil on my 3.1s. But if I did I'd get something that could deliver lots of current. I'd probably end up at Home Depot buying some 12/14 gauge solid copper conductor in-wall house wiring wire. Sure it would be a bit stiff, but once in place, all is well. Price? Well let's just say a lot less expensive than Acoustic Zen.
Plus, they have self-check out :)