gallo nucleus w/Rogue M-120

I have a pair of Rogue M-120 Mono's and a Rogue Perseus Preamp hooked up to some Monitor Audio RS6's right now and I'm looking to upgrade.

Originally I was considering picking up some Alon IV's or V's, but I think they might be too big for an apartment. Just wondering if the Gallos would be a good match for the M-120's.

Any info would be appreciated.
From the reviews I have read, the Rogue amps should easily drive the Gallos to very satisfactory listening levels. I have a pair of Reference 3.1s and I know they really shine with high-current amps. I am currently using a Butler TDB-5150 tube/MOSFET hybrid amp (5-channel, 150W/ch.) and the Gallos really sing.

I'd say go for it!

The first time I ever heard the Gallo's was with Rogue gear. It was simply amazing!