Gallo Nucleus Solo tweeter repair

Hi -

I have a pair of Gallo Nucleus Solos, and one of the tweeters seems to have gone out. I guess it could be a capacitor, but I haven't ventured far enough to disassemble the speaker.

I called Gallo, and they don't have any old parts, and have suggested I look on eBay ! A totally useless suggestion.

I've read a few of the threads on how hard it is to get the woofer out to check the wiring (I don't know how it could go bad) or the caps, but has anyone found a solution to this problem, or do I just sell the pair for parts ?

All suggestions welcomed.
I hate to say it, but I'm afraid you may be out of luck. These tweeters rarely seem to fail, but when they do, there isn't much to be done about it. Wild chance: Contact Ron Bauman of inSound, maker of Omega Mikro cables. He used to (maybe still does) mod these earlier generation Gallos and at one time had spare tweeters, but this was years ago.

I have the same-genertion Gallo Ultimates (four balls per side) and the later Gallo Reference 3s which sound MUCH better than the ultimates and are currently going for ~$1800 on Audiogon. If my pair is representative, and from what I've heard and read, they appear to be bulletproof. But then, so were yours :-(

Good luck, Dave
I'd pull the crossover and check for any burnt resistors or bulging capacitors.
Call Omega Mikro. They are the authorized repair shop for the older Gallo speakers and have the parts to fix it including tweeters.