Gallo Nucleus reference solo prototypes


I have a pair of gallo nucleus solo prototype speakers with the tweeter built into the woofer. Called Gallo but they didn't seem to know anything about them. Oh they are the 12 in. anodized aluminum balls. Anyone have any info? What brand woofer is it? Gallo said it was not dynaudio? Anyway, they cast a pretty nice soundstage and really seem to disappear when listening. I have been enjoying them. They are not as adept for movies though.
I think they were called the Nucleus Minor
Really? Thanks. Do you know anthing else about them? The guy I got them from in Manhattan said he got them from a friend that lived near Anthony in Brooklyn and got the speakers directly from him many years ago. I'll post some pics when i have a chance to take them.
Yes, these are the Nuclus Minors. The only place I've ever seen them reviewed is the July l966 issue of Audioi Adventure, p. 40. The reviewer (Dayna B) liked them, said in her conclusion:

" ... these speakers are a must-hear for a musically satisfying, holographic experience. If your speakers provide an image so real that you think you can reach out and touch someone, maybe you won't be missing anything out of this world - but I doubt it. These are the speakers that wil scoff at surround-sound and all its complexity...." Their imaging was called "utterly spooky."

Rated sensitivity was noted at 88dB at 1w/1m with 8-ohm nominal imprdance and 6-ohm minimum, an easy load to drive even with single-ended triode amps. Price as listed at $895 (a pair, I presume).

If you like these, you'll absolutely love the Nucleus Reference (2 balls per side) and Ultimates (4 balls). I have the Ultimates and am driving them with 12 wpc SET monoblocks. Haven't yet heard anything I like better.
Correction: That magazine dates from 1996, not 1966.
Thanks Dopogue,

Do you have a copy of that article? Perhaps you could fax it or scan it? I tried to type in audio adventure and Dayna B on google but I only found a few of her misc reviews from about that time. Nothing found with words Nucleus or Gallo.

I really want to find out who made the woofers so that I may buy a pair in case of an accident in the future. I figure the longer they are out of production the more impossible replacements will be. And Gallo doesnt do restoration. So I'm on my own.

I am very excited that someone has heard of them. This community is amazing. More info here than at Gallo. But I guess the prototype story was probably bull then. No matter, for the extremely low price and excellent sound I couldn't be happier! And I am even more resigned to find a pair of Ref 2's some day. The minors will make amazing rear channels. I could really grow old with his speakers.

The ref 3's just don't have the same poetry of design that the 2's had. They look like Dues with big woofers attached at bottom. I'm sure they sound great but I think the originals are classics. You are extremely fortunate to have the Ultimates. They must sound and look amazing. I saw a picture of them on this site.

Anyway thanks so much for the info.

Oh Dopogue,

What do you think about replacing my old ACI Sapphires with a pair of Dues for rear channels? I'm assuming you use yours in a 2 channel setup. I was also thinking of the larger 5 inch Gallo's? What do you think. The ACI's sound great but they are large and far from attractive in my space. But when I have certain cd's like Cassandra Wilson on stereo logic they really add alot of dimension to the music. I'm afraid those little speakers would be disappointing after hearing the 12 inch balls. I heard they have their own speaker wire as well. The ACI's put me right in the middle of the soundstage.

What do you think?

Does anyone else have a pair of Gallo's that they would like to comment on? I would like to buy a pair of ref 2's at some point. I have always liked their style but after hearing their lesser quality speakers, I'm hooked. Also how do they blend with the dues'?