Gallo Nucleus reference II tweeter not working

I have a 9 year old pair of reference II. I had to move them from one room to another the other day and now one of the tweeters isn't working. I called roundsound and they surprisingly offered me no advice or leads. Does anyone in the country know how to fix these or are there any replacements?
There was another post about this same issue last week from someone else.

Perhaps, you could get together and call the manufacturer of the speaker. A good manufacturer should stock replacement parts even for older models or, at least, an upgrade path to retrofit a newer model tweeter.

Salesman tend to be more interested in selling new gear, so their eyes will glaze over when you present them a challenging problem with time consuming follow up and repair work, all for little profit. A manufacturer has a reputation to worry about and may be much more helpful.
Did you open it up to check if one of the wires may have come loose?
Anthony Gallo has a lousy rep for not being the sweetest guy in the biz and I remeber a dealer who told me he picked up another line because of his attitude like this and Gallo's Ego (equalling lack of support).He didn't make provision for keeping extra elements (ribbons) on hand so unforntunately you are Sh*t out of luck.They did keep the press to take raw Dynaudio drivers and press them into the speherical shape so if you blow a woofer Gallo (at least until 4 years ago when I had a pair of Ref II's) will replace it.Anthony Gallo is a very talented designer who thought "outside of the box" (no pun intended but the oppinion that I got from others including this dealer was he thought that the world should have beat a path to his door and rewarded him with more sales but since it didn't he didn't care about those who had laid down hard earned money and left without replacement ribbons and just jumped into his small spehered sub/sat systems.
Given the great reviews I have thought about his new Ref II's but I don't wan to have happen what did to others.I liked the Reffernce II's I owned for a few months but couldn't live with the tension and worry that either through my fault or the speakers I would be stuck like you are bnow..All I can advise is call Gallo and ask to speak with him personaly and ask him if he can do anything and when he say's no ask him if he plans to do this with his newer lines and how he sleeps at night.Sorry for bad news.All you can do is wait for someone to blow a tweeter and offer the single sphere (plastic or latter spun metal) for cheap or do reverse and offer it up on Audiogon with a single needing a mate waiting in the closet.I think if enough people find out about this and put bad posts up he might do what it takes (and costs) to start a batch of replacement film tweeters or potential customers who read these audio site are disuaded from buying his product.Unfortunately again he's getting great reviews for the Ref III's but even here I would be a bit worried since his bread and butter are sub/sats that look better and out perform Bose and these people don't read Audiogon.Sucks dosen't it?
The good news is that these tweeters sound great and are virtually indestructible. Chazzbo lays out the bad news. Hope you find a solution. Dave
Thanks guys for the help. As far as just opening it up to see if it is a loose wire (which it may very well be)is that you have to go through the woofer. The problem is that they used specific plastic rivets to hold the woofer in place. I don't want to end up not being able to properly seal it back up after and I certainly don't want to end up with 1 useless, disassembled speaker. Otherwise, I would go for it.
Would think that you may be able to reatach with some strong(marfine grade) epoxy but this may make for a problem if you need to go in again.Please let us knopw how things work out.