Gallo Nucleus Reference

Does anone out there own a pair of these wonderful speakers? I just bought a pair from a friend and I find them to be a truly amazing speaker. If anyone has suggestions on positioning please share them with me. I have been improving the sound through repositioning, but I am sure that I can get even more out of them. I now have them about 5 feet from the rear wall and about 6 feet from my listening position. They are spread about 7 feet apart. The unusual design of the speakers really does make them disappear into the music. I can't believe that speakers of this size can generate the amount of low bass that they do, and the CDT tweeter is as smooth as silk, even at high listening levels. What my wife likes most is that you can listen at low levels and not lose any detail of the music. Amazing!
I don't own a pair, but am jealous as they are truly visual works of art and must look super in your room. You might check what caps are used in your crossovers and try to reach Gary Gallo to see if he has any other recommendations based on your system. I know that he used to do this, anyway. Gallo also has a new budget speaker that is coming out later this or early next year. Read about it somewhere, but cannot remember the source. What is the rest of your system?
The rest of my system consists of: Audible Illusions preamp, Audio Research 100.2 power amp, Pioneer PD54 Stable Platter CD player, VPI mk4 TT with JMW Memorial tonearm and Glider cartridge, MIT and Bob Crump HSR cables.
I just picked up a pair of gallo ultimates and am way impressed. These are like the References bnut with 4 "bassballs" to a side. Would love to get an owners manual (pay $25 for a photocopy - and talk to another owner of these gems. Am working with Mapleshade head Pierre Sprey to get a new wiring harness for them. Wish I had seen this thread earlier.
I know this is very late but I also have these and have done some mods that have improved them very nicely. If you remove the upper woofer and take out the network connected to the tweeter, repositioning it on the outside on the top of the stand this will clean up the bass and general focus. I've also drilled a new mounting hole for the tweeter an inch or so forward to better align the tweeter with the woofer to great effect. I then ground the rear spikes down for minimum extension and raised the front ones to maximum as well as jacking them up on brass discs to align the two woofers and the tweeter more optimally. Replacing the cap with a newer signature version of the Seti and adding bypasses of .33 and .01 and removing the parallel resistor also improved things. After doing all these things what was a fabulous speaker will blow you away all over again. You placment sounds good. You might explore the Mapelshade line of cables. They worked with Gallo at one pointand and use their speakers as their reference.
Follow-up: It is incredible how members describe the virtues of, and crave this speaker system. I wonder if Gallo realizes what they are losing in potential sales with a line of speakers (which have been virtually taken off the market)that are exceptional. Also, the systems are small and trully unique in design and appearance. So, Anthony G, (if you cruise this web), why not bring these gems back into production????
I agree but a company has to make more than the few sales to enthusiasts. They've got to appeal to a larger audience to float the business and I think that their unconventional looks were a challenge. Even though some find them attractive, the typical customer is conservative. Oh well...