Gallo Micro?


cute and much better sounding than might be expected given their size. plus, they come in lotsa neat colors. i would consider purchasing particularly for rears and sides in an ht system. they also make a matching sub.
I agree with Cornfedboy. They are the best of their type that I have heard, but as usual with tiny satellite and sub combos, there is a whole in the middle - ie. lower mids and upper bass. This means that vocals are thinned and, although you can dial in fullness of bass, the rhythmic drive provided by fast upper-bass is missing in action.
I use five Micros and the Gallo powered sub in a HT only set-up, does the trick for me. High WAF and reasonably priced. I'd also consider using them in a bedroom system etc...Not the last word in musicality by any means, but unobtrusive and sound suprisingly good. Jeff