Gallo Acoustics Reference Spks vs Full Range Box

Need opinions about Gallo Reference speakers.(Currently they have three "reference-level" models) I have read a few(very few) positive reviews about them on the 'GON. I have seen their adds for at least 5 years or more. Is this a high end product in terms of imaging, soundstage, tonal accuracy and especially bass response???. Why has there not been more reviews on this product??? I hope it is not just a gimmick and conversation piece because of their extraterrestrial "looks" Thank you!!!
I have owned the original Ref's (polymer spheres), have also owned the aluminum Solo's, and have heard the aluminum Ref's, and the Ref II's.

In NO way are these gimmicks, IMO. They have been fantastic speakers, with high frequencies amongst the best I've heard (Maggie true Ribbons right alongside).

The bass on the Ref's goes deep and tight, while not moving as much air as larger speakers. But I got (with the single spehere Solo's) down into the 30's in a very tough room for bass.

The Ref's and Ref II's do a better job in the mid's than the Solo's, that and the bass/dynamics are the big difference. The Solo's had perhaps a more laid back, less pure and dynamic midrange, though ti still was windeful overall. This probably showed the most in well-recorded piano pieces.

Take a look at for more reviews on the Solo's, and maybe the Ref's a s well. You'll see the ratings they get.

FWIW, I have found they like power. I had heard the Ref II's driven by Art Audio Jota amps (lower power tube), and they sounded great. But in the same store, I also heard it driven by the Spectron digital amp (300wpc), and it really shone with that.

So, I'd say shop/buy with confidence. The only caveat is that they're not in current production, I believe Gallo is focusing on the Micro's and new Due's (can anyone correct me if I'm wrong ?).


Todd (chams_uk)
Hi, I have no idea about the Gallo speakers but i do have some insite into singe driver full range speakers, I LOVE
single driver full range speakers, they have drawbacks no doubt but in general they are amazing. No crossover suckout,
easy to drive and dynamic as hell. If you have never been checkout the Full Range Driver Forum at, they are a bit nuts but then again we are having this conversation so...
I have the Gallo Ultimates (like the References, but 4 balls per side). They are absolutely fantastic speakers. Just blew away my ProAc Response 3s. Weird-looking, great sounding. Can't recommend them highly enough.
I have the Gallo Reference speakers and the only way anyone will get them from me is to pry them from my cold dead hands! These are absolutely FANTASTIC speakers. If you can find a used pair, grab them! As stated above, they are no longer in production.