Gallo Acoustics Reference III vs. Hyperion HPS-938

Has anyone had a chance to compare these two? A friend of mine is looking at new floorstanders and these are my recommendations because they seem to be comparable in the following areas:
-New technology that works
-Reasonable prices: Gallo's are $3,600 with BAM, Hyperion's are $4,000
-Relatively full range, especially the Gallo's with BAM producing low 22Hz-25Hz
-Relatively compact in size
-Relatively easy to drive
-Good to great workmanship

In the case of the Gallo's, there will be a matching center released in 2005 in case my friend decides to go 3.0 to 5.1 Multi-Channel in the future.

What are your thoughts? Thanks.
I got my own answer in the recent Review of the Hyperion HPS-938 on Srajan went to compare the HPS-938's to the Ref3's (and inderectly to the Traingle XS and Avantgarde) in a very telling way.
Gaudio_eek: That is a only preview. The reviewer did not make any atempt to compare the two speakers.

You need to hit the "next" page at the bottom
of the first page.
Andy2, it's a formal review. Go to the following pages. It even got the Blue Moon Award.
I read through the article fairly quickly and its sometimes difficult to read Srajan's reviews, he wasn't exactly clear on which speaker he prefer, he thought the Hyperions bass was better but like the Gallo's in all the other areas?
Kkm, I read it differently.
Srajan used to own Triangles. They are known to be slightly forward in their presentation. He now owns Avantguarde and Gallo which, according to some of his descriptions, have a more assertive character. He found the Hyperions a little too polite.
This is how I interpreted his reviews.
Gaudio eek, That's the way I read the review as well. Its almost as if he were damming them with faint praise.
I have read it also and I too wasn't clear if he prefered one over the other, not that this was his purpose. I certainly don't see where he was "damming them with faint praise", quite the contrary; it was clear to me that he thought very highly of them, while still pointing to some areas he prefered on the Gallos.
Put it another way. It's like loving your children equally but somehow you hang out with one more frequently than with the other because you happen to share the same sport or hobby!?!?
Hi all,

I own the Hyperion 938s and you can read my review. I had a chance to briefly (30min) audition the Gallos. Although the speakers weren't broken in, it sounded very good and is worth an audition. I will have another listen to them in a couple of weeks. My initial impression is the Gallos have wide soundstage with very good imaging and sounds little more forward than the Hyps. The Gallos were driven by all MacIntosh electronics.