Gallo 5LS prototype towers at the CES

Did anyone hear these. The writeups said they were demo'd at the CES but I didn't read anything about how they sounded. With all the press the little Ref 3.1 has got you'd think this will be the killer of all speakers.
I don't think they were there. None of the show reports covered them, AFAIK. As a Gallo Ref 3 owner, I'm interested myself.
According to this Stereophile show report, they were there but I haven't read a lot of discussion either
Here you go-
I talked to the company and they had the prototypes there and were playing them. With this being such a potential world class speaker I am shocked nobody has written what it sounded like.
It sounded pretty good but the music was unfamiliar.

If those were the big tower ones, I heard them. They sounded pretty good and powerful. But I was also impressed with their HT setup. It sounded very good. It was my first time hearing anything by them.
I heard them there with my own demo disc. I was very disappointed but suspect there was a problem with set up etc. I'm very curious to hear them under better conditions. I have a tweeked out version of the original references and love them.
My wife and I heard them on a couple of occasions at CES and thought they sounded excellent with both our own music and thiers.
To some they may seem a little larger than life which I personally prefer, almost like a big Maggie.
Excellent dymanics, however I would have turned the bass amp down just a hair in that particular setup.
I found the image focus to be too diffused, which I would think is unavoidable when the drivers are not equidistant from the listener as in any line array such as this. The frequencies that are short enough to be effected by the considerable discrepancy in distance between the drivers will be increasingly confused as the frequency rises. This effect would begin to factor in around 1k getting much worse as you get into the range of the tweeter beyond 3k. This is unavoidable unless time delay is electronically implemented. I mentioned this to Anthony and he said that he didn't hear that problem. Perhaps they have implemented time delay of some sort and he is satisfied with it. I would think that these speakers would do well in a large room at a significant distance, where this issue will be minimized. I much prefer relative near field listening which allows for less room interaction and lower power, but there is a place for everything, and everyone.