Gallo 3's vs Silverline Bolero or Sonata III

Curious if anyone has heard these two or three speakers in depth enough to offer a comparison. Enjoy my Gallo's after much time spent getting placement right in my strange room. However, I am into good looking woodwork and dynaudio and morel drivers, hence the silverlines.

I also tend to gravitate towards tubes which i have in another room so efficiency is appreciated. Anyway look forward to you guys thought. Thanks
never heard the gallo's. i have boleros and have heard the sonata iii's. the two silverlines are different. this review talks about the differences and i think it is pretty accurate. good luck
I'm a gallo 3.1 owner... Just as an FYI Gallos and tubes are not a good match, the bass driver likes a lot of current to open up
I have actually owned all three with a slight variation. My Sonatas were V2 not the V3's.

To my ears the Bolero is a good measure better then the others listed.They are my current speaker also.

They are more refined then the Sonata and play music with a more natural tone, ease and grace.They are stunning in every way.

The Bolero will never fatigue no matter the volume and are more full bodied and rich.

These comments are all the more true vs the Gallo.
The Gallo's also sound smaller, much smaller.

The Gallo lacks the weight, body and control of the Bolero. The Bolero is warmer sounding, but just as transparent.

The Gallo has a more immediate sound and perhaps more open.

Feel free to email me directly should you desire to talk etc...
Thanks so far for the input.

Grannyring, that was my theory that the bolero's would prob be more of my cup of tea in most ways. The gallo's are a bit of a chameleon for me. It is obvious that they really reveal each recording for what it is which is of great value. But can often sound a bit too dry for my enjoyment. I have placed them wider and did the woofer in/out dance to get much improved bass response from them. After the placement work they are MUCH more enjoyable. But I think the Bolero's will be my next move when I make one. thank you so much for speaking on your experience.