Gallo 3.5 Reference/ Speaker cable Solid Core?

Any input on speaker cable matches for the Gallo 3.5 reference...
CJPremier 350SA 350w@8ohm (SS)
Cj Pre (tube)
Ayre 5 Source
Shanling 100 Source (tube)
Kimber Select IC's

In the past 20 years I have went through at least a dozen different types of speaker cables. In the past 5 years I discovered that speaker cables have more to do with the equipment choice then overall design characteristics and can add negatively to the overall sound then improvement. I guess Im old school and in the 70-90's really just used Polk cables, the clear plastic kind that you could see the green and cooper wire..Then I drank the kool aid and started spending on audio grade cable. (I will state that IC's are a different matter entirely and have felt that the Kimber Selects truly make a difference in my setup)..Never thought it sounded any better then the polk but sold them so I could not go back.... When I gave the Speltz solid core a try I was shocked that I could get results that bested the polk regardless of equipment without spending thousands. I then discovered the JW Audio Solid core and bested what I was using with the Speltz. Go figure, spend less money get better results.... The JW audio speaker cables give great results with my Maggies, Quad, Amphions,ect....The Gallo's are the most unique and unusual designed speakers I have owned. I understand the engineering and principles behind the Maggies and Quads, tweeter characteristics of the Amphions, but clearly the Gallo's are a breed unto themselves and was wondering how solid core matches up with this design...I just passed my initial 100hour break-in and still not hearing it..I was wondering what others are using?..any thoughts would be appreciated...
I would contact Gallo, if I were you. They sell a cable that is optimized for their technology, those may be your best bet...