Gallo 3.5 Reference and best speaker cables

Gallo 3.5 Reference owners. What speaker cables have you used and your opinion....The last five years I ditched all the $$$ speaker cables and went with solid core, Speltz, JW Audio...I have been very happy with the results especially the JW Audio in which I have in both my primary and secondary systems..A little background: I was a hard core Audio Research owner in the 80's and 90's, all tube. The typical Sony or Marantz source would be my reference choice, and a thorens TD for anoalog source. Speakers consisted of Quad ESL, Thiels, VonSchweiert, Magnepan Tympani, the list was long..As you can tell I would rather change out speakers then components. Over the years I have rolled at least two dozen different cables and without a doubt I came to realize that speaker cables that don't match well with speakers and source components cause greater changes towards the negative. Where as the solid core regardless of speakers and source matched the very best qualities I found in speaker cables costing considerably more. Over the late 90's I replaced the AR gear because of age, size and aesthetics for SS/Tubes and a much smaller footprint. I went from a musical mancave 18x24 room to a room half the size that has 18inch egg and dart crown molding. Are you getting the picture...I now have very good middle of the road components and tend to keep the older gear that has great value and reliability without the continued spending what would be another car for the garage..A combination of tube and SS give me the sound that I enjoy the best. I don't replace speakers just add to what I have.. and will only change out gear when they have exceeded repair costs..This approach allows me to stick with a purchase over the long run..My equipment list since the early 2000's CJ350 SS, several premiere AMPs, CJArtPre, ML, Quad, Maggie's, Rel Subs, Amphion, Ayre C5, Shanling 100CD, Classe SSP75 for 2 channel Pre..Kimber Select IC's..and now the Gallo's 3.5..I actually like the look and was thinking about the third system...I was just curious about the speaker cables and would like your feedback..My tastes are now more laid back, wider, deeper soundstage listener, vs in your face up front and loud in days gone by...My musical tastes have not changed much over the years, except that 95SPL is rarely dialed up.. Classical,Classic Rock,Vocal Trance, Electronic,Chill..ect..find a way into the day by day listening....So my question is that since about 5 years ago I have stayed with the speaker cables but Im not sure if this new breed of speakers by Gallo is different...Any input about the Gallo's and speaker cable choices and your experience with solid core cable if any would be greatly appreciated..I am aware of the pairing of Spectral Amps. I have tried a few of my current amps and just put in the 350 and have just recently went over the 100 hour break-in period that Gallo suggests, quite frankly Im not sure I am hearing a difference yet..considering what the 350 is capable of and I might add a very unique piece and quite frankly the best I ever heard..I was wondering if the speaker cables have anything to do with it.?
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