Gallo 3.5 or Martin Logan Ethos?

I am in the market for a new set of speakers and have been considering the Martin Logan Ethos (used, would also consider the Vantage or the Spire). I have not heard the Ethos but I have heard the Spire, Vantage and the Theos (similar to the Ethos). I really like the wall to wall soundstage that the Logan's create. My only hesitation is that the "sweet spot" is somewhat limited. I have read that the Gallo's have an ESL "like" presentation with a wide sweet spot. Has anyone compared the 2 directly?

How would you describe the pros and cons of each?

I am coming from Klipsch RF-7s for a frame of reference.
Anyone? I noticed the Gallo's are no longer being made, anyone know why?
My 3.5's are outstanding speaker for the price, I replaced the previous model, 3.1's which replaced the Maggie 3.6's. I love ribbons and the CDT's on the 3.5's do just as well or better except for the heigh presentation, but not an issue unless you stand up. The design with no parallel cabinet walls, no baffels, and crossoverless answers all those design weaknesses in most speakers out there.

I believe they are discontinued due to cost and the relationship with the supplier that makes the spine that the drivers are attached. I think Gallo made the mistake of initially pricing the 3.5's twice as much as the 3.1's, when they were introduced which turned off a lot of potential owners because they looked almost exactly the same. But the sound improved quite a bit and I think competes with some speakers 2-3 times their price. They do take a long time to break in for some reason, you can play them loud to break them in, they are bullet proof.
Thank you for the input. Have you ever listened to Martin Logan's Vantage, Ethos or Spire?
Macallan 7 (did you ever have the 50 yr old?) anyway....I never liked Martin Logans... I knew the guys there who are very nice, but I would choose Gallos.
What do you like better on the Gallos? Also is the sub amp necessary? I would power them with a 200 watt B&K and have a sub for low bass.
We had a brief discussion on the use of the Gallo SA Amp in the following thread (starting on page 97):

For more detailed information on the Ref 3.5 and its development see the 6 Moons archive of reviews.

I own the Ref 3.5. I never heard a Martin Logan model.
Thanks for the response on the SA amp. I also have read good things about the VR-33 in this same price point. They also have a wide sweet spot.
The Vantage and the Gallo are my 2 choices. Like the Vantage but have never heard Gallo. Anyone hear both? Or at least gallo and Logan's in general?
I haven't heard the Gallo but I like the Ethos a lot. Big soundstage, very open, transparent and musical. Not analytical. The Gallo would have to be a really good speaker to keep up with the Ethos.
Some people like the metallic transparency of electrostatic speakers, and some don't. Martins are not the best example of them either, but they can be had at reasonable prices on the used market.

Do you already have in mind to get one of these 2 speakers, or are you open to other offerings, because for the same money, there are other attractive buys...

Paradigm studio, Ushers, for example...

If I were you, I would audition more speakers and take your time in choosing speakers in this price range...There are some exciting ones out there...
I previously responded to your "Panel Sound" thread with these same comments. I have Gallo Ref 3.5's. I can give you some idea what they sound like by sharing my most recent experience with them.

I have been searching for reasonably priced solid stands for the Ref 3.5's. Many of these enhanced maple stands cost upwards of $1000.00, for common wood of all things. Searching the internet I discovered a material used in shooting ranges to stop large caliber high velocity bullets. I gave some thought to the high energy absorption required of such a material. I thought the characteristics required for that application could be easily transferrable for use as loudspeaker stands. The website is the following and the product is described in detail:

I ordered two blocks of vulcanized ballistic rubber. They measure ideally for the Ref 3.5 platform: 8" x 8" x 16" and are very heavy and solid at 41 pounds each. They arrived yesterday.

I would never have believed such a dramatic transformation in the sound of these speakers. The overall impact is tremendous. The resultant bass is the equivalent of adding two high quality subwoofers without the expense and complexity. The bass is not only fuller and deeper but has greater layers of detail and tone color. There is more range and nuance. The mid and high frequencies likewise have a three dimensional quality with subtle cues previously masked by the lower profile of the speakers directly on the floor. Horns are not anemic sounding but very full with the appropriately realistic sound pressure levels. You can hear the individual notes on each string of a guitar. What especially amazes me is it seems I have gained more efficiency. The Ref 3.5's play louder at the same volume setting I previously used. The soundstage is much wider and deeper with the instrumentalists moving farther into the room without a loss of depth of field. Also, overall clarity is substantially improved and the experience seems cleaner overall.

These loudspeakers absolutely need to be raised at least 8 inches off the floor. The tweeters are now at my seated ear level, 8 inches higher than stock. I previously had them slightly toed in but this is no longer necessary. I moved them about 6 inches closer to the center line and pointed straight ahead. They are positioned 10 feet apart and i sit about 12 feet away with the woofers facing each other.

There are two minor cautions. These blocks are priced at $41.00 each but the UPS ground shipping is costly due to the total 82 pound weight, or about $1.00 per pound. They are made of vulcanized rubber and have a pronounced oily rubber smell prevailing in the room when you first take them out of the box. I helped to disperse this by leaving the window and door open all day with only the fan on the HVAC operating (my dedicated room has its own HVAC).

This is the best $158.00 I have ever spent. Seriously, this is like getting an entirely new music library and loudspeakers at once without spending exorbitant amounts of money on high end audiophile approved products.

These are now the best speakers that i have ever owned. Better than the ADS 810's, the 1590's, the PMC's or the Avalon Eidolons. Now that I have the room tuned in properly I know I am absolutely correct on the sound of these Ref 3.5's.

I hope this helps some in your decision.
I have heard lots of favorable reviews of the gallos but not a direct comparison to Logan's. Anyone heard both?
I heard both, and all I can say is, it depends on the musical style, and your subjective style of presentation you like.

Sorry, I am not much help, but I for one is into opera, so I would go with Gallo, but if I were listening to Jazz, then may be the Logans hypnotic transparency might win me over...

The Gallos have a slight artificial quality to them though - I want to warn you, for those who are sensitive to color tonal accuracy...

...but over all, both can be exciting offrings with the right kind of music, and listener...
i listen to rock, folk, singer-songwriter, jam bands, indie, i like the openness of Logan's and the feeling that the speakers disappear. I have read the Gallo's are excellent in this regard but have never heard them. The ML forum has lots of good info on Logan's but very little on the Gallos.
I went and listened to the Theos, they were awesome, I liked them much better than the 804d and honestly thought they were comparable to the 802di in many ways. The place where I listened to them also had the higher end Montis but the room was so small that they actually sounded worse (the bass was too prominent). I think I have settled on Martin Logan as I can't audition the Gallos. Has anyone compared the Ethos to the older Vantage? I could get used Vantages for around $2500 which would be a much better deal than the Ethos (7k new or around $4500 used)