Gallo 3.1su

I'm trying to find a cheap amp to sub for the Gallo SA2 amp. I'm happy with bass reproduction without amp bt if I cna find a cheap way (around $250)to improve bass reproduction I would. I just can't see myself spending around $700 a (new Gallo amp) to do so.
Take a good look at the Crown XLS-1500 (@200 delivered) - *plenty* of power and comes with a built-in crossover.  I'm currently using one of those to drive the 2nd voice coils of my Gallo 3.1s and it sounds great.  Bullethead, an Audio Asylum member is also doing the same to very good result....
Without any knowledge of the specific demands on an amp imposed by your proposed Gallo set-up, I would note that the Onkyo 5010 is a very nice sounding amp.   The published specs don't make a ton of sense for a SS amp (they do suggest that an 8 ohm load is required), but it's a very good sounding amp that I've occasionally used with Ohms and little Maggies to very good effect.

Last I looked, this amp could be had new for about $250 on-line.