Gallo 3.1s

I have a pair of Gallo 3.1 speakers. They recommend for optimum performance on their lower end to us their amp. Would using a 3 channel amp like an Emotiva (200x3) using the center channel as the 2nd amp work?
I would go with Gallo's recommendation. You can call Gallo and ask if your 3 channel amp will work, but I doubt it.
Yes, it will work fine. You do need a crossover, but the Emo amp will power the 2nd voice coils quite well...And you want to run 200 watts to each speaker...

RW. You have to excuse me but I'm a doofus. Crossover?
The second terminal on the 3.1 is designed to be driven with a Gallo designed amp to deliver only low frequencies.

You need a stereo amp to drive the two low frequency drivers on each speaker.

So the amp needs to be able to cut off the higher frequencies. The Emotiva wouldn't have this function.
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I recently did some A-B testing beetween the 3.1 and a $5700 speaker that I bought along with a $6000 speaker that I bought, and the Gallo 3.1 was easily the best sounding of the three.
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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but I'm looking into some Gallo Nucleus speakers for another room and this thread popped up in my research. Has anyone tried using an outboard sub eq or crossover like the one from from Elemental Designs, Velodyne SMS-1 or Outlaw Audio ICBM with another amplifier to power the woofer of the Gallo Nucleus.3 series speakers? I was thinking about repurposing an older amp rather than paying the $750 for the Gallo subwoofer amp.Then I would get a used Velodyne SMS-1 or Outlaw Audio ICBM. Thanks 
Any amp will work. You need to have a crossover of some sort in front of the amp. Those two should work. Mainly, the Gallo amp gives independent (stereo) amp circuits. One crossover setting (40hz recommended), independent channel level, and independent phase control. The amp can also be used mono if you like, but why do that?

Welcome to the Audigon forum Mikethehunterguy, Thanks for the informative post. It does help me a lot. I think now what I'm going to do is use my Accuphase E202 in amp mode to power the upper frequencies and then I'm going to use a Dayton SA1000 sub amp to power the 2nd voice coil. It has everything you mention and won't break my budget. I appreciate the help and I hope you stay around to contribute.
Good luck and enjoy! Post up your results as well. I really enjoy my Gallo system. I do have the Gallo amp, but scored a demo unit at 50% off, so I couldn't pass it up.