Gallo 3.1 sounds slow and veiled...why?

I have just 'upgraded' to Gallo 3.1 from my Paradigm Active 40's and must admit I am less than impressed. I was running the Active 40 from a Benchmark DAC 1 via a Audio Research LS2b and thought the Gallos would be an improvement. I'm running the Gallos from the DAC 1 through a Unison Unico with Underwood LV2 mods. Interconnect is Kimber Silver streak and speaker cables are Kimber 8TC. The gallos sound slow and veiled compared to the Paradigms....quite a difference! What's going on? What's all the hype on these Gallos? Or are the Paradigm Active 40's THAT good?!!
Templetech - I don't own the Gallos, but definitely recall reading a review (Stereophile or elsewhere) stating that the Gallos not only needed breaking in, they needed SEVERE breaking in. The reviewer actually placed heavy blankets over top of them for a few days and played them continuously at HIGH playback levels. He went on to say that he believes many people have heard them without being properly broken in, which obviously leaves an "unimpressive" impression... good luck with your amp/situation!
I had 2 pair of Gallo 3.1's that I blindly bought locally years ago. One pair was brand new, not even opened. The other pair was fully broken in.

They both sounded average to me. Personally, I cant believe people pay so much for them. I know many of you love them, and thats great....but in my opinion there price should be around $1350 brand new at most.

Since selling these, Ive heard them at a dealer..still just found them to be just ok.
I have now listened to the Gallos (powered from Anthem) compared to the Paradigms...both using the Benchmark DAC 1 as source and pre. The Gallos sound better but still not on par with the Paradigm Active 40's. The Gallos are perhaps a little more refined on the treble but mids are not as defined or as detailed and the bass on the Paradigms is vastly superior...tight, powerful and completely integrated. Now to be fair...there is no second power amp on the gallos to power the woofers but....that's a chunk more $$$ just to match the Paradigms. I'm not a Paradigm fan in general...find them rather clinical and lacking but...the actives may very well stay with me for good! I'm having my Unison retubed and checked over and will run the Gallos from that for a few weeks...see how that pans out.
yawn - I am not at all surprised. Well designed active speakers are indeed tight powerful and completely integrated. They will usually trounce all but the best passive designs. Of course their clarity is clinical sounding and understandably not to everyone's taste.