Gallo 3.1 Mains...What for the surrounds-Center

Recently purchased the 3.1's(get them tomorrow) and am now faced with a decision for the surrounds. We have been using our mains in phantom for center duty and have not missed having a center speaker. How would the 3.1's handle this duty? Working with a limited budget and the reference center is out of range at this time. Thinking about the Due or A'diva ti as a center, if it will really add to the experience, and a pair of either a'divas ti's or micro ti's for rears. Would appreciate opinions.
I've had the Ref 3.1 for a little over a year now and they absolutely rock. Until a few weeks ago I had the matching Ref AV Center, but I sold it because it made the soundtrack/dialoge sound like it was coming from right under the TV, focalized at the center speaker. Phantom mode sounded so much more realistic, coming from behind the TV, with added layers of depth and separation. Don't waste your money on a center channel at this price point. The Ref 3.1s work extremely well in phantom, perhaps better than most other speakers due to their very good disapearing act. I use A'Diva Tis for the surrounds (sides and backs), with very good success, though I also sold the rear backs because they didn't add much volume or effect. The money I saved by selling the center and backs I put into buying a Cary Cinema DVD 7, which has the best picture and sound i've experienced yet (bear in mind i'm no audiophile or videophile, and most people on the these sites have been doing this hobby for longer).

What amps and front ends are you planning on using. The gallos love power (though they don't require it). I change a few months ago from a Rotel 100W/ch receiver to Bel Canto ref 1000 monos and the Gallos really came alive.
Thanks! Great to hear the 3.1's can handle center duty. Will just concentrate on the rears for now and see if my setup will mimic what you have found. Not having to have the center frees funds for the A'Diva ti's.
For now I will be running my mains through a B&K Ref 20 and powering with a Bryston 2bst. H/T is handled with a Denon 2802 used as a pre for surrounds with a B&K 5 channel amp.
Next planned upgrade is for a h/t pre but it may be a while. I prefer buying used and with the new formats I'll wait till there are some choices and reviews.
Depending on how the 3.1's sound with the Bryston it is possible I could look into another amp befor the pre.. Just have to wait and see.
Had a similar experience to your Rotel to Bel Canto when I added the Bryston to my old Denon ht receiver. Just couldn't believe how much I had been missing.
Thanks again,
I have an all-Gallo HT setup: Ref. 3.1 Front L/R, Due Center, and Ref AV Rear L/R. It sounds *spectacular*. The Ref AVs are a fairly new purchase, they replaced Dues in the rear. The Dues are now the mains in my bedroom system [smile].

The Dues did a pretty good job as rears, but the AVs have decidedly more bass and punch, it seems like I added a subwoofer to the system. I was never disappointed by the Dues, but the Ref AVs were a big step up.

As for the Due at Center, this works quite well. I have it sitting above my HDTV and it does a great job of presenting vocals. In addition, because it sits higher than the ref 3,1s, it causes the image to be a bit higher, one of the complaints from some 3.1 owners. I like the Due there and it does sound better than using the Ref 3.1s in phantom mode.

If you could find the funds to install Dues at center and rear I think you would be quite happy with the sound. From what I've heard from others, the Dues have a richer, fuller sound output than the A'Divas. You might be able to find a good used pair at the right price. I got a *killer* deal on a pair about a year ago, $400/pr. - WHOA!

Just what I needed. Two post and two different points of view.
Seriously, I do appreciate your opinion and suggestions. May have to start with phantom for center and the A'divas for the rear and just see how it sounds. Might even try one of the A'divas as a center just to see how it performs.
You can be sure I will be watching for one of those "killer deals"
Thanks again,
Good luck, Steve! Any way you go, you're still gonna have that great Gallo sound. *Do* keep an eye out for a Due (or 3). Tell ya what, if I find a deal on one of the new Dues, I'll make ya a good deal on my Center - the ol' trickle down philosophy in action!!

Will keep it in mind. Love trickle down.
Just looked at your system and must admit a bit of jealousy. My wife will never let me move my speakers that far in front of the rest of the system. Just the price we pay.
An inexpensive option would be Mirage Omnisats. The sound would blend with the Gallo's and the look would be somewhat retained as well.
I have the 3.1's and have tried phantom and Dues for center. But none of them can touch the AV center for performance. The AV center is designed to be hung against the wall for best performance and that's were they are, under the plasma. The sound is fantastic with plenty of bass and integrates seamlessly across the front. I use a pair of Orbs for the rear, which also mates well with the rest of the system.
Have to agree with Kkm, I have the AV Center on the wall below the projector screen with amazing sound on the fronts (3.1s on the Left & Right).

Using the A'Divas (4) for the backs with good results in the ceiling.

Once I upgrade the AV Rec. I will be set!
Thanks again. Seems there are several gallo owners here and their experience is appreciated.
For now, due to finances, I will either have to use my paradigm center or go phantom. Having just gotten the Gallos I have not taken the time to really experiment but initial impression is that the 3.1's will handle center duty pretty well. If I happen to fine a deal on the av center that would be great.
I too am looking for a new receiver or pre that will handle the new formats. My emphasis will be on 2 channel sound but want the best of both. May be a while since I buy most of my equiptment used but that does give time for formats to settle and getting the bugs out.
Appreciate all the input.