Galileo Universal Speaker Cells

Hi, I use Synergistic R. Acoustic Ref. cable ic ( pre- mono's) + Acoustic Ref. speaker cable.
Somebody has experienced the Galileo Universal Speaker Cells ?
Does the combination overclass the Apex speaker cable ?
I heard and seen the Galileo system at the CES earlier this year I am really interested in using them in my system.

to really find out about it give SR a call and talk to Elliott or Ted two first class guys.
I just posted on the main Synergistic thread that I got a set last week. I'm blown away!!

I have no idea on the technology or care for what they have done to my system is incredible. I took them to a few mates houses and found they did the same. I have a pretty expensive system and use SW loudspeakers with MSB. They brought the midrange out into the room and placed the drums far to the back of the room and gave the sound more height. It's like a 3D image if that makes sense?

in one of my mates houses he uses PMC Fact 8 with townshend cables. Again they did the same trick. They also improved the timing music just seemed to bounce along. I took them round to another mates who uses Feastrex speakers wit 2W PX4 SET amps again the soundstage just opened up like you became part of the recordings acoustic.

I have been a fan of Synergistic Research for a while now but I have used alsorts of cables and still do just to keep my feet on the ground.

They are well worth a try. They made a big improvement in all our systems.