Galibier Serac Owners: Need Opinions

I am considering the Serac as my next TT. I now have a Music Hall MMF-7 with Benz Glider and the speed box mKII. Interested in owners opinions; what arm did you go with (I'm thinking of starting with the Artisan), overall impressions etc. What did you upgrade from, do you need really good isolation such as the recommended sand box, is it easy to setup, etc. Thx in advance for help.
Since you've had no responses I'll chime in. I don't own a Serac, but nearly purchased one. It was going to replace my SOTA Nova Series V.Unfortunately the product release date kept getting pushed back due to same manufacturing delays. I ended up buying another table in the meantime, but had I gone with the Serac I would have done the package deal with Artisan arm, Discovery cable, and Dynavector 20XL catridge. For the price its a great deal and a table the over performs IMO.

I've had several discussions and visited Thom for a listening session. He's a great guy, very knowledgeable, and will provide excellent support. I don't think the table will be challenging to set up. Thom can get you all the tools you'll need and if you do encounter problems he'll be there for you to assist.If you do the package deal he may be able to set it up for you prior to shipping. That is worth inquiring about too.
I have a gavia / gavia platter
Tom is meticulous about getting the best sound out of each table - so his paired artisian sounds like the way to go

he does mention, if you are considering later upgrading the table, get the gavia with the lesser platter

here is the thread I was thinking of from the galibier forum

check out these forums, you may find some further elaboration on arm recommendations