Galante Audio Rhapsody or Symphony...heard them?

These speakers look very interesting with their coaxial design approaching a "point source," and their relatively high efficiency. Have you heard them enough to formulate an opinion or observations about what you've heard? Thanks!
I had the Rhapsodys and drove them with a Berning MicroZOTL and they worked well. I am not quite sure why I sold them except I thought that they were too large for what I wanted and the round speaker grill looked odd to me.

I am currently using the Sequerra MET 7 Mk IVs that are rated at 91 efficiency and they also work well with my 1 wpc amp.
I have the Rhapsody and they are heavenly with Cary 300B Signatures. I had Reference 3A de Capos and didn’t find them nearly as musically satisfying as the Galantes. The Rhapsodies have a yummy midrange, phenomenal soundstaging and the overall sound has the sense of liquidity and immediacy that’s only possible with SETs and high efficiency speakers. The Rhapsodies are very easy to drive and will play at amazingly high SPLs without ever clipping the Carys. If you’re into single ended triodes and don’t have enough room for bulky horns, the Galantes are the way to go.
I have one with a Fi X 2A3 amp. The Rhapsody have a sweet tonal balance and a suprisingly good bass response considering the short throw 8" driver.
These are killer speakers using very expensive drivers. They are a bargain at $2300. Very natural sounding with great soundstaging and decent bass. Great with low watters!
Not sure why these didn't catch on more.
Thank you for your responses. The Rhapsodies are going onto my shortlist as they appear to have the traits I value highly.