Gain of Power Amp vs Playing at low volume

I have come upon comments on the gain of a power amp vs its ability to play music at low volume. here's what i read from a forum
"The power amp has 30 dB gain. For me it is sometimes a problem to play music quietly."

I did a google, and Gain = 10 log (Pout/Pin), where P = power

could anyone pls help me to understand why at 30 dB there will be a problem to play music quietly? So to play music at low volume without lost of details like late in the nite, what should be the ideal Gain?

It depends on matching with the preamp. I have always used poweramps with channel gain adjust controls - so you can set the gain optimaly.

Perhaps you are reading about people using a poweramp without preamp => using the source as pre-amp and the poweramp volume control to set volume?