Gain Matching of Amps

I seem to have two pair of ARC amps--a pair of VT100IIIs and a pair of D240IIs. Right now I'm passively vertically bi-amping my mains with the VT100s. I started wondering about bridging the D240s to mono for the bottom end and using a single VT100 for the top end. The specs for the VT100 say the input sensitivity is "1.9 V RMS for rated output, 23.5 dB gain into 8 ohms." The D240s say "1.6 V RMS for rated output, 25.8 dB." Does this mean that all I have to do is attenuate the signal for the D240 down by 2.3 dB, or does the mismatch in the 1.9 v. 1.6 V RMS spec mean I'm comparing apples to oranges?

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Thanks for the responses. Guess the answer is to dive in, see what it sounds like, and play around a bit. Nothing like trying to squeeze my head into the small space behind my racks and play with wires...